An integral approach towards an integral health / life

My work is in the medical, emotional, psychological, and social field, for individual patients, and for industrial and corporate clientele. I don’t work with motivational techniques; since motivation is only a short-term stimulus. My work is to help bring about “lasting change” that an individual is seeking for attaining integral health, well-being, “personal” satisfaction and success.” It is based on a scientific and comprehensive theory of the relationship of everything to everything else, and within which I take into serious consideration the basic role of various energies that are the fundamental factors in the interrelationship between everything. Specially in the field of medicine and within the process of healing, I don’t treat, or prescribe medication, or give therapies. I explain and I teach what a person can do for attaining her or his own lasting personal satisfaction, success, health and well-being. Mine is a vision that goes beyond the academic and conventional medical practices. In other words, mine is an “Integral Approach,” based on knowledge and transfer of knowledge, so as to give an individual total power over himself.

For individual clients and patients

Since everything in this universe is related, or inter-related, to everything else, through inner personal and through outer cosmic energies, it is imperative that our approach to solving all problems, not only in the field of individual health and well-being but also in solving problems in general (industrial, economical, social, political, environmental, etc), be an Integral or holistic approach. An approach that attempts to understand this cosmic and physical (material) universe of ours in its totality. An approach that also includes and integrates the understanding, the manipulation, and most of all the application of occult (invisible to human eye) personal and cosmic energies that are involved within the process of attaining or realising that what a person is seeking. Mental or thought processes, will or motivation, for example, are pure occult energetic phenomenas. And finally, an Integral approach is also more effective, and therefore also more cost-efficient.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the first medical science that has brought about in medicine an integral approach or a holistic approach for treating and helping individuals. The orthodox or conventional medicine deals almost entirely with the physical organism using physical intervention: surgery, drugs, medication, and behavioural modification. Medicine, as practiced in general, believes essentially in the physical causes of physical illness, and therefore prescribes mostly physical interventions. But the integral or holistic approach claims that every physical event has more than just physical or organic causes; such as the inner state of consciousness, emotions, and moods of an individual, his culture or worldview, his economical and social structure, and his environment. The integral or holistic approach goes far beyond the fact that an individual is physically fit. It deals not only with the physical body, but also with mind, matter, soul, spirit, social interaction, and the environment around an individual.

I also provide consultation, advisory, coaching, and training services to managers and employees of business corporations, industry, trade, and commerce. The main purpose of my involvement with corporate and industrial clientele is for helping them attain optimum productivity, quality, cost-efficiency, and economical success, through not only a physically healthy, but through a robust and integrally healthy work-force. Because, even in the financial and economical world everything is related to everything else, and it is evident that a work-force enjoying an integral state of health and life-satisfaction would enhance economical objectives of the organisation through higher productivity and quality, lower operational costs, and through a significant reduction in the rate of illness and absenteeism.

Finally, my work is my personal mission in life, aimed at helping individuals to “stop suffering,” and to “start living” and “enjoying” their life in total awareness and consciousness. My work is based on the “Phylosophy of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo”. It is my way of living and applying what They have taught me. However, my work has nothing to do with the transmission of “Spiritual Wisdom,” but has everything to do with helping people attain what they personally “want,” “wish,” “seek,” and “desire.” In other words, to help them attain their personal “Self-Realisation or Self-Fulfilment,” here and now.